PINOY YAN: Digging Deeper to the Filipino Soul

Dark, petite, flat nose and curly hair: all these are found only in the Philippines, welcoming every single tourist with a good heart and a unique body feature. That’s something we should not be ashamed of, but rather be proud because that’s a mark of a true and pure Filipino.


There are actually many things to be proud of in the Philippines that are different from any other countries in the world from foods and warm people to landscapes, beaches and scenic views.


PEOPLE: Many Filipinos have been known to the world because of talent, skill, or achievements. Manny Pacquiao is known in the world of boxing, Arnel Pineda and Charice Pempengo as artists. All are Filipinos but are now working internationally because of their talents and skills.


CULTURE, BELIEFS AND TRADITIONS: The Philippines is known to be a unique country because it practices different traditions that are not known to any other country. Some of these are the celebration of fiestas and festivals, performing rituals of “pasasalamat” or thanksgiving, and the manners common to all Filipinos from all walks of life: hospitability and being respectful. A stranger knocking in the front door of any Filipino home in the middle of the night is very much welcomed and served with a delicious food to eat, and even letting him sleep in the bed just to give him the most comfortable sleep for the night even if it costs the homeowners to sleep on the floor. All Filipinos are also brought up to be respectful, in such a way they use “po” and “opo”, doing the “mano po” and all other deeds.


FOOD: Foods of all kinds are found in the Philippines. From the healthiest up to the most exotic food, name it and they have it! Starting with the famous chicken adobo, sinigang na baboy or bangus, these are one of the many reasons why tourists keep on coming back from year to year.


Above all, Filipinos are strong-hearted that they are brave enough to face difficulties in life with a full smile on the face may it be a financial problem, or experience calamities.