Pinoy TV Shows for Kids that Absolutely Defined Childhood

Childhood has always been a fantasy land, a paradise, a dream that we once had, and we always want to go back to. It is plainly simple, innocent and carefree. Childhood starts from traditional group games that we enjoy outdoors to the simple and wholesome TV shows that also contribute to it. And speaking of TV shows, here are some of the nostalgic Philippine kid-oriented shows that are surely missed by the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s kids:


1. Uncle Bob’s Lucky 7 Club: For those babies of the 60’s and 70’s, who can forget Uncle Bob’s Lucky 7 Club? This is an early morning children’s show by Robert Stewart known as “Uncle Bob” who became a TV personality after being an American war respondent. He was also known to be the father of the Republic Broadcasting System, which we know today as the GMA network. In this show, kids of four years old were free to join the club, where they will be given a Lucky 7 membership card with a “secret code” hidden at the back. On the other hand, those who are watching from home would send letters to Uncle Bob and the host would read it on air once received.


2. Kuskos Balungos: A TV show that caters young viewers and is directed by John Manahan, this is made with the purpose of teaching kids important values such as discipline, creativity, nationalism, and cooperation. It was casted by the memorable stars that are known up until today.


3. Kaluskos Musmos: Another very popular kid-oriented show during the 1980’s, this has been the beginning of some celebrities’ careers. It is said that this show was made with the focus of entertaining children, trying to ultimately get their attention and keeping them at home during the time of the show.


4. Hiraya Manawari: This is a show for the 90’s kids which focused in teaching the kids good moral values. Brought into a whole new level, magical journeys were linked to real-life scenarios where each episode of the show delivers lessons about love, courage, honesty, humility, respect, and many more.