Piña, The Queen of Fibers from Aklan

More than the famous Boracay from the west of Panay, Aklan offers a lot of interesting places. In fact, the three provinces of Aklan, Western Iloilo, and Antique are all captivating and amazing. Food, meaningful festivals, ruins, and churches are all good and remarkable in this place.


Other than that, Aklan is very proud of its pineapple fiber, also known as piña. It can be derived to a lot of useful products. Say for example we have the Barong Tagalog, the national Philippine costume for male and Baro’t Saya, the female counterpart of Barong Tagalog – both are a product of piña fabric and are a top export product. The two attires made from the finest and the best piña fibers are worn by presidents, politicians, celebrities, and the likes. Products like bags, mats, and shawls made of piña fiber are also on the rise today, they are as authentic as you can think of and are in demand locally, nationally, and internationally.


The weaving of piña and abaca has already been a tradition in Aklan since then, even back to the Spanish colonial times. The demand for piña products and piña fiber products has been realized in 1970 where the government agencies trained the locals on how to work in the industry. It has been successful up to this day and has fueled up the Philippine economy.


The idle wives and retirees from the low-income families have been given hope by this whole cottage industry. The preparing, weaving, and production of different things from piña fibers have made jobs and living for all of them. Even more, in many towns in Aklan is a community of weavers and craftsmen who are all busy in meeting an order. No machine is ever used; only bare hands, long patience, and a willing heart.