Philippines: One Town, One Product

It has always and always been repeated that the Philippines is a rich country in terms of natural resources. With that, each place has a certain product to boast about. And this has helped the economy and enhanced the sense of creativity of many locals in creating a product out of the raw materials.


One Town One Product or OTOP is a program of the Philippine government, administered by a Philippine government agency, the Department of Budget and Management that promotes the different products of each town, thus, promoting the Philippines as a whole.


This program was originally proposed by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the former Philippine president. She proposed it in 2002 and was the successfully launched in 2004. The OTOP products do not merely focus on food products, but into what can be found abundant in each town. These can be fruits, specialties, furniture, or different handmade products. The Cordillera region has its Arabica coffee, while San Isidro in Davao del Norte has Cacao as their OTOP product. Santa Fe in Nueva Vizcaya also boasts of its beautifully handmade brooms.


The CITEM hosted the 60th Manila FAME where the country’s top products are recognized in celebration of the Design Week Philippines. The event encourages producers and exporters to raise their creations and discover more and new materials and processes. The One Town One Product also desires to promote entrepreneurship in creativity, given that the products would have a competitive advantage. The people in each town will then work to promote the town’s specific product.


This is all about the local raw materials of the Philippines as well as the people with innate skills and culture in every community. This will give them a lot of opportunities, particularly for the investors who are willing to set up a business out of these things.