Philippine Independence: Freedom at Last!

One of the most significant dates written in the Philippine history is its Independence Day. June 12, 1898, was the day when finally after more than three centuries of Spanish rule, it has finally been to an ended.


Having been ruled by Spaniards for centuries has shaped and influenced Filipinos in many ways. The customs, traditions, languages and many other aspects. In fact, Filipino language and many other dialects have adopted countless of Spanish words. Plus, not to mention the celebration of fiestas in provinces; the food and much more.


Every year, the Philippines commemorated the declaration of freedom every June 12. On this day, many occasion and events are held.


The people

On this day, the government leads many events nationwide which are participated by the Filipinos mostly government officials and employees, teachers, and students.


The highlight of this event is the military and police parade lead by the Philippine president held at the Luneta Park which is then followed by a 21-gun salute and the President’s speech. Since this day is declared a national holiday, most people get to spend the day at the park, the malls or going out with the family.


Filipinos have been a living proof of strength, persistence, and faith. Regardless of the times the country has been colonized, the country and the people remained steadfast. Instead they embraced their history and learnt from it. Although the many colonisations somehow diversifies the people in belief, culture, traditions, and languages, the country and the people still finds countless ways to relate on each other as all Filipinos.


While the colonisations have adverse effects on the individuals and in the whole country itself, there are also many positive impacts that certainly make the Philippines and the Filipinos unique. In fact, with all the hardships that the Philippines has undergone as a nation it only made the country even more strong and one. Truly, Filipinos’ greatest and most special character is resilience. Throw them all the hardships in life; they will still get up and just smile.