Philippine Festivals: Negros Oriental’s Buglasan Festival

As festivals are found almost anywhere in the Philippines, people would travel from place to place just to witness one celebration that would definitely make everyone feel happy and alive. In the central Visayas of the Philippine archipelago, one grandiose festival is always being expected by the people of Negros Oriental. Known to be the festival of festivals in the Negros Island Region, this is the Buglasan Festival.


As a quick review, this festival was founded when all cities, towns, and municipalities of the province came together and decided to be one happy “Negrense Family”. The term “Buglasan” came from the ancient records showing that the Negros map reflected the name of the island, “Buglas Insulis”.


Today as the Buglasan Festival is celebrated, it does not only show the oneness of all the municipalities, but also exhibits the various culture and traditions of each division. During this week-long celebration, a lot of different activities can be enjoyed and witnessed by everyone. From show down and street dance competitions up to the firework display competitions, nothing would be unentertaining. Cultural shows, food festivals and trade fairs can also be seen during the merry-making of the Buglasan Festival.


And since the city of Dumaguete is the capital of the province, it hosts the annual celebration every October. Usually held at the largest event hall, Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Complex, this is planned in such a way that everyone could be able to see the program and events. Feast your eyes with the street dances, bazaar, food fair, and trade fair all at the Freedom Park every night. And because the Philippines has already been widely known in the world of pageantry, almost all of the events including festivities conduct a search for the king and queen of that certain place. As for the Negros Oriental province, it carries out a search of its new Buglasan King and Queen as well as Miss Negros Oriental, which is also one of the highlights of the Festival.


Celebrated because of unity, abundance, and happiness, the event itself shows the qualities of a true Filipino, which made the event worth attending for. It is not surprising that Dumaguete City is dubbed as the City of Gentle People because they bear the traits of a truly Gentle person.