Philippine Extremes: Amazing Facts about the Philippines

The Philippines is globally known to truly be an amazing country where it carries most of the records of uniqueness. More often than not, these uniqueness and distinctions that the Philippines bear are undeniably the reasons why tourists keep on coming in the country. For some extreme facts about the Philippines, even though many articles are talking about this topic, here are a few more that you might want to discover:


1. Located in the Philippines are the world’s longest snake and longest reptile. In nearby areas, found is the Reticulated Phyton where the adult size would extend over 28 feet or about 8.7 meters long.


2. Tragalus nigricans or the Philippine Mouse Deer, the world’s smallest hoofed animal, is found in Balabac Island, Palawan in the Philippines. Locally known as “Pilandok”, it measures about 40 centimeters.


3. The most toxic snake in the world is the tremendously venomous Faint-banded Sea Snake. It is found in the waters of Panay areas in the Philppines, Visayas, and in other places namely New Guinea, Australia, Gulf of Thailand, and Solomon Islands.


4. The Philippine Eagle, Pithecophaga jefferyi, is crowned as the largest eagle in the world. It is also known before as a monkey-eating eagle.


5. The world’s smallest primate is known to be the Philippine Tarsier, scientifically known as Tarsius syrichta. They are only about 12 meters long and their eyes, big but are not movable.


6. One of the considered most expensive shells in the world are found in the Philippines. This shell is known as Connus gloriamaris, also dubbed as the Glory of the Sea.


7. The world’s largest reptile is the saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus porosus, which is found in the Philippines and in nearby countries.


8. The world’s second smallest freshwater fish is found in the Philippines, specifically the Dwarf Goby or scientifically known as Pandaka pygmaea. It only measures 1.2 centimeters long and is the second tiniest vertebrate known in the world.


9.  The world’s largest salad was made by the residents in Baguio, where they took pride in making a three-ton mix of assorted vegetables.


10. The largest bamboo organ in the world is found at St. Joseph Church in Las Pinas City. It is a musical instrument known to exist for over hundreds of years having 174 bamboo pipes, over 120 reeds of soft metals, 22 stops in vertical rows, and a five-octave keyboard.