Philippine Achievements: Bests of the Philippines

It has been another year of greatness for the Philippines and the Philippine tourism despite its shortcomings. Many places in the country were crowned as best in this and that, and the photographs of mesmerizing views and sceneries of the Philippines were found in different publications – local and international. As the nation moves forward to a better tomorrow and more achievements, here is a little look back on what the country has become:


  1. The Philippines was noted to have the best New Year’s Eve celebration in the world. At exactly 12 midnight, the sky always seems to be a war zone as Filipinos across Metro Manila light it up through the authentic and instantaneous fireworks display. Other countries may have held fireworks display over the holidays, but it has never been as good as in the Philippines.
  2. Seven in the 55 Best Islands in the World list is the Philippine islands. Other countries like Thailand, Spain, and Australia only have two or three from them on the list. Thus, the Philippines is a country that is definitely looked upon.
  3. Among the 30 best airports in Asia, three are from the Philippines. Way back 2011 the country’s airport, specifically Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Metro Manila has been a part of the worst airports in the world. Four years later, it has been removed in that list and three other airports from the country’s different regions were included in Asia’s 30 best airports.
  4. Vigan has now become a New7Wonder City in the world. Specifically, the St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral in Vigan has been the place where the declaration of the city as a New7Wonder was held. The place is good for old – soul travelers and is well – known for its roads made of cobblestones, ancestral houses and heritage houses, and a well-preserved building from the 18th century.
  5. The ASEAN’s newest heritage parks include the Tubbataha Reef and Hibok-Hibok of the Philippines. On the fifth of November 2 years ago, the Tubbataha Reef Natural Park (TRNP) was declared as the 35 Heritage Park of ASEAN and the first ever marine park in the list.