Perfect Banago Products Just for You

Filipinos always have this attitude of having something unique and rare products so other people would think that you’re the only one who has it. The best thing that you can do, as what famous saying is, “love what’s ours.” We should always raise the value of our product. Banago is a collection of hand-woven products.

Just like how you learn and had an idea about Raffia, Banago also produces a collection of hand-made products like bags, accessories and home decors. They are made by the artisans in the Philippines. Aside from having an attractive and detailed design of each product, the process of making it gives each item a kind of exquisiteness and value.

The process involves harvesting the wild grass then weaving it, dye-making and of course finishing touch will never be forgotten. In addition to that, whenever we try to buy our own product, people would always think that you may get out of style or it is not that’s up for today. You should not worry about it, for its style is always modern and you will never get out of style.


For a blast information why you would never be out of style. In the year 2016 wherein, there was a specific show in the United States where I should showcase the collection of some summer and beachwear. Banago was one of the famous products that some residents in the country have used it. The product extended its trade to over 500 outlets in the United States.


This Banago making gives livelihood to local artisans not only for men but for 400 women who can now help their families earn and sustain the daily needs in our lives. This product will be known more due to its strong Filipino design and influence. Don’t miss a chance to have one. Buy and use it now!