Pancit Batil Patung, Tuguegarao’s Best!

Every Filipino family surely would not want to miss a Pancit recipe on the table in an occasion. It is quoted to be “pampahaba ng buhay” or food that gives someone a long life.


In some part of the Philippines in the Cagayan Valley Region lies the capital city Tuguegarao where a delicious specialty of pancit can be found – the Pancit Batil Patung. This Cagayan delicacy has been well-known to the different places in the Philippines. For all one knows, this city has the most number of panciterias.


Pancit Batil Patung: Batil means mix and patung means topping. What made it different from other pancit recipe is that it has more ingredients than the usual. It is a dish basically made of carabao beef, pork liver, egg, bean sprouts, carrots, crushed chicharon or pork – rind cracklings, generously mixed with onions and fresh flattened noodles or “miki”. Seasonings are soy sauce and fish sauce, cooked with passion and made distinct by the egg placed on top, cooked through the heat of the pancit.


Not only that, a serving of the pancit comes with a soup which they call “kaldo” and is meant to be either poured over the pancit or sipped while eating. To sooth your taste, condiments are available as well as chopped red onions, calamansi, and chili peppers.


It is believed that cooking pancit using a wok over the local “pugon” or a wood – fired local oven gives the food a far better taste. After the cooking process, the pancit is then scooped through a ladle and put in a somewhat deep plate. On top are the ground meat and the pouched egg. Now, the Pancit Batil Patung is ready to be served! In a little while comes the aforementioned partner soup made with eggs scrambled on the bone broth.


So if ever you’ll feel hungry in the middle of a stroll around Tuguegarao, worry not because you’ll find a lot of panciterias around the corner, proud and ready to serve their specialty dish. Come! Mangan Tayun! (Let’s eat!)