One Vibe, One Nation: The True Spirit of the Filipino People

At the north of the equator, we see a small nation. A nation with an approximate population of 103.3 million and an area of 300,000 square kilometers, it is a country that is full of mystery and wonders.


The Philippines is a country known for its generous people and beautiful places. In the Philippines, there are lots of spectacular places like Palawan where the underground river is located. It is the home of the smallest primates in the world known as the tarsiers found in Bohol. Being part of the Pacific ring of fire, it has 25 active volcanoes. It is a unique diving spot that offers you the possibility to dive through sunken Japanese shipwrecks from WWII while watching a diverse flora and fauna.


Aside from those sites, what we can really notice are the citizens. The people make up a country. They preserve traditions, religions and take care of what nature has given. With that, it is believed that one of the things that make a nation unique and beautiful is its people. Filipinos are known because of their loyalty. When it comes to love, they love only one person for eternity. When they love, they make sure that the person they love is happy and contented. One of the many things to wonder in the Philippines is the genuine happiness of the people. It is known that the country is being struck by five to six cyclonic storms each year and there are active volcanism and landslides in the country. Because of those, people in the Philippines lost their homes and at times their loved ones. But as optimistic as they are, they can still talk to you and smile at you. Some have little and some have no food at all but all are still happy. Being a Christian nation, they have faith. They look at a tragedy as a chance for a new beginning. Those are the traits that make this country unique.


Through ups and downs, grief and joy Filipinos still have that one warm smile. One smile that would make you reflect on the important things of life whilst they teach you how little you need to be happy.