Nueva Ecija: The New Tourist Farm-Life Destination

Being a landlocked province in the Philippines, Nueva Ecija is one place that would never struck your mind when it comes to thinking of places to go and visit. You may be thinking “So what can we even do there?” But here we will show you that despite being a seemingly undeveloped province, you’ll still find some interesting things to do while in the place.


1.        Minalungao National Park, General Tinio

This park in the town of Gen. Tinio is perhaps Nueva Ecija’s largest representation. The park displays towering limestone karsts separated by the Peñaranda River. The place is best for family picnics especially that there are makeshift huts on the soft clay banks. There are also a couple of restaurants in the area where everyone can spend their lunch or dinner. The Waters of Minalungao are typically emerald, but turns into a brownish hue during rainy seasons. Here you can enjoy swimming, cliff jumping, bamboo rafting, hiking, riding the Zipline and many more.


2.       PMP Paradise Farm & Resort, General Tinio

Ever heard about herding sheep in the Philippines? It can be rarely associated in the Philippines as the country is not usually known for it but in PMP Paradise Farm & Resort in Nueva Ecija. The farm is now slowly accepting tourists and those who want to experience farm life first hand. Here you can experience riding a Carabao-drawn carriage, fishing in the pond, board a raft, sit on bamboo seats, and fish in the middle of the water. If you want, you can also grill your catch right after or head over to the nipa hut beside a small lake and feast on local delicacies.


3.       NFA Grains Industry Museum, Cabanatuan

Have you planned of going to a rice farming museum? Well, this isn’t really an exciting destination, but is remarkable in Nueva Ecija. It is located just right across the highway so maybe you want to have even just a peek inside; anyway there are no entrance fees. The museum also boasts of meticulously done dioramas portraying rice planting scenes. It is always a good thing to have a little knowledge about the country’s top produce.


Some adventures aren’t just about the beaches and the oceans. Sometimes, all you need is a little escape from the modernity and revisit the life that had once been in the country. Farm life is mostly sought these days, as many would love to experience them. If you are one of those, Nueva Ecija can be your next destination!