North’s Best: Cagayan’s All-Time Favorite Specialties

Although Cagayan Valley is not that much known, it can also be a good place to go. Other than the interesting places where you can be while in the province, people’s creativity has also came up with delicious delicacies that made people come back often. This has also caught interest to many and made them flock in Cagayan just to taste their delicious treats. If you still have no idea of what’s in there, here are some of the specialties you should not miss in Cagayan.


CHICHARABAO: This is Tuguegarao’s version of Chicharon, a pork rind. Distinct enough, this is not made of pork, but of carabeef. This is lighter than the usual chicharon. Made from cut Carabao skin cooked in an extremely hot cauldron, Chicharabao is served deliciously in garlic, onion and vinegar, or in hot and spicy.


PAWA: Pawa is a bite-size snack, steamed glutinous rice filled with sweetened grounded peanuts. This is available in the Piat Church for everyone who wants to visit.


YBANAG LONGGANISA: One of Cagayan’s prides, this specialty is Tuguegarao’s version of Filipino breakfast favorite. The longganisa is purely made of carabeef and is on the garlicky side with interspersed fat and meat like the Vigan and Baguio Longganisa. This can be the most flavorful longganisa you will ever taste and if you are not so much into carabeef, they also have a pork version of this specialty.


PUTOFLAN: You heard it right; this is a combination of the Filipino delicacies Puto and Leche Flan. This is a soft fluffly rice cake made from flour and egg, but with a sweet leche flan surprise at the bottom. Surely a perfect combination, this will make you want more!


PANCIT BATIL PATONG: And the most famous above all specialties in Cagayan, this noodle dish is a mixture of miki, carabeef, carajay, and poached egg and a perfect combination with batil soup.this has become tha pancit of the town and are often sought by many from others regions.


SINANTA: This is another noodle dish that is typically served only during birthdays. This food us a mix of sotanghon, miki noodles, chicken, pork, clams, in a soup.


All these are found in Cagayan, and can be what you can look forward when planning a visit there. Truly, Filipinos being creative and the Philippines being a wonderful country in terms of natural and scenic view are a perfect combination!