New Now: A Unique Invention from the Queen City of the South

Like all other places in the country, the Queen City of the South boasts of another unique Filipino innovation that definitely captured the hearts of the many. Proudly from the city of the famous Sinulog Festival, all from the heart and mind of a pure Filipino, this is the Jeepeoke. Seen in the highways of Cebu City that confined the heart of many Filipinos, this new invention brought joy and happiness to everyone. Even though it is like all other vehicles that could cause traffic, it still contained one trait that made everyone love it.


From the word Jeepeoke, this is basically a jeepney with a Videoke inside. This invention was materialized by the owner of the jeepney, Mr. Kim Obiso together with his driver, Mr. Alexis Abastillas. A help from Shoebox Builder was received in order to help them differentiate their product from all the other normal jeepneys in the city. Originally, it was known as “Baby Bus” by the locals, but was soon called “Jeepeoke”.


Jeepeoke is a fully air-conditioned vehicle with a Videoke machine inside for all the passengers on board to enjoy. It is astounding that they do not charge an additional cost for this extra service and entertainment they offer; the passenger fare is still based on the distance that they have traveled. As per the makers of this one of a kind invention, the smiles they see on the face of each passenger who gets to enjoy their creation, as well as the appreciation and desire to be in the vehicle again, is more than enough of a compensation to reward their efforts and hard work. Also, the reason why they have decided to put up this Videoke inside a moving vehicle is that Filipinos, especially Cebuanos have engraved singing to their culture and as a tradition in all sorts of occasion.


Not only now, but also in the days to come, many other inventions will also be known from the Filipinos that would surely entertain everyone and make itself be remembered even though the passing years.Queen City