Never Miss This Amazing Points of Interest in Intramuros

Translated into the English language as “within the walls”, the Intramuros can be found in Manila, the Capital City of the Philippines. Considered to be the oldest district in the city, this surely has stood still and witnessed everything that has happened through the years. It is surrounded by massive stone walls and barricades stretching around three miles long. Today, it can now offer a lot of places that are worth a visit. From historic walls and gates up to churches and museums, all are pleasing to the eyes. Here are a few points of interest for all visitors of Intramuros.


FORT SANTIAGO: Considered as a major landmark not only in Manila but also in the whole Philippines, this is where Jose P. Rizal, the national hero, was imprisoned prior to his execution. The gate features the patron saint of Spain, Santiago Matamoros, which was heavily damaged in 1945 but was fortunately restored. It also has a memorial museum that contains everything about Rizal, a park, and an area with the view of Pasig River. With just 75 pesos, you can spend your day at Fort Santiago and reminisce the good and not-so-good old times.


MINOR BASILICA OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION: Also known as the Manila Cathedral, this is considered to be one of the most significant churches in the country and is the ecclesiastical seat of the Manila Roman Catholic Archdiocese. The church was the seat of the Manila Spanish Archbishop during the Spanish colonial times. Today, in one corner of the church is an exhibit illustrating the history of the cathedral


CASA MANILA: Resembling the typical Spanish mansion, the Casa Manila is filled with antique furniture, artifacts, and artworks all over. Inside the Casa Manila is an ambiance of an upper-class family in the ancient era. It is open daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and all you have to do is to prepare an entrance fee of 75 pesos.


SAN DIEGO GARDENS AND BALUARTE SAN DIEGO: If you are heading to see a beautiful garden, fountains, pathways, and an attractive pavilion in Intramuros, the San Diego Gardens is a good place to visit. Additionally, this can also be a good venue for special occasions especially for weddings, with an impressive view of the Manila Skyline that makes it perfect for photo shoots. The history of the place is also well depicted through original canyons, large stone rings, a lookout post and archaic wall structures that are all used in the past.