Negros Oriental Festivals: The Face of Gentle Progression

Negros Oriental bears the festival of festivals that brings together the best street dancing reputation in the province and an all – day competition and celebration. As festivals are being celebrated for different reasons such as harvests, birth, religious events, and victories, the province of Negros Oriental also has its share of festivities. Here are some of them that you can witness and enjoy:


Hambalalud Festival: January 15

This is the most contested event in commemoration of the town’s fiesta and everlasting blessings and bounteousness of the Holy child, Sr. Sto Nino. It obtained its name from the settlement’s most treasured trees “Hambalalud” that are thought to be the kingdom of enchanted creations, the Diwata. The same tree has been the symbol of God’s natural gift to the settlers.


Masulog Festival: Third Sunday of January

The festival gained its name from the place where it is being celebrated: Masulog, Sibulan, Dumaguete City. This event highlights the street dancing and showdown presentations.


Kapaw Festival: March 17

On the first quarter of every year, the municipality of Basay is blessed with an abundance of fish catches. During this season, people from all parts of the province gather to the town to avail of the fresh and low-cost fishes. This season of abundance locally termed as “kapaw” means happiness. Today, the local folks are now celebrating the season in the form of a festival which is focused on local fishing traditions and of the sea that is believed to nurture life with progress.


Libod sayaw: Last Week of April

Libod is a term to mean for “to make rounds” while Sayaw is a vernacular term for “dance’. Thus, Libod Sayaw is an event of street dancing around the town center in a festive manner. The perfect beauty of shallow Mantalip reef is now the theme of the libod sayaw, a celebration of the feast of the town patron saint Vincent Ferrer.


We all know that every corner in the Philippines has a lot to celebrate. Filipino people being branded as happy people would celebrate for almost anything. Mentioned above are just peaks of what Negros Oriental has to celebrate. In fact, there are countless celebrations for the whole year that we should watch out for. Indeed, it’s more fun in the Philippines!