Nagsasa Cove: Best in Zambales

Are you searching for an untouched and uninhabited place near Manila? This would be the answer to your question, the Nagsasa Cove. If you are thinking that you already visited all the astonishing, remarkable and extraordinary views and places here in the Philippines, well, not yet until you will discover and visit this beautiful place in Zambales.


You may wonder what it looks like. Nagsasa Cove is a rough-hewn cove with crystal clear waters and it is among the top beach in a destination in Central Luzon. This beach is close to so some cities like Manila, San Fernando, and Olongapo and this has been the favorite place to visit for some campers and mountaineers. If you are an adventurous type of a person, this could also be the perfect place for you. This beach would be perfect for a quick and affordable weekend getaway.


Tons of activities you can enjoy in this place. Here are some:


1. Enjoy the beach – Of course you would never miss to enjoy and relax on the beach coming from a long trip.

2. Bonfire – You can have a bonfire by the beach and enjoy the music at night with your loved ones. You may think you can do this other beaches but you may want to consider your choice to scavenge the forest on your own if you are brave and diligent enough, but you are not allowed to chop any trees.

3. Trekking – If you love to explore the mountainous area of the coves and seize the moment, you can do that. You can also have a guide with an affordable charging fee of 100 pesos per person.


These are some of the activities you want to enjoy. Also, don’t forget our environment while enjoying. Avoid bringing food that spoils quickly and also bring a supply of garbage bags and put your garbage in one place. There you go, you can now enjoy the place and also don’t forget to keep it clean.