Mystical Mountains: Trek to the Top of the Philippine Peaks

While reaching the peak of a mountain gives a hiker a sense of fulfillment and astonishment by staring at the wonders of nature from high above, it would be quite different if you experience a little bit of awe, fascination, and spiritual mystery mixed together. Take on these mountains in the Philippines and experience thrill-filled adventure.


Mount Banahaw

Mount Banahaw is famous for its mystical beliefs. This sleeping volcano sitting between the provinces of Laguna and Quezon is believed to have mystical creatures and elements lurking around, attracting thrill-seekers, psychics, sector believers, and cults. Some people would pay a visit to do a pilgrimage to experience tranquility or seek healing and would claim that they felt rejuvenated after their visit. Local folks would even believe that the water from its springs has healing properties.


Mount Makiling

Mount Makiling is famous for its shape and outline that resembles a woman lying down in a relaxed position.  Local myth says that the woman is a forest nymph that guards the mountain known as Maria Makiling. It is said that Maria Makiling has a jaw-dropping beauty and is kind and helpful to those who treat the mountain well. However, local folks believe that those who disrespect the mountain would suffer even in the slightest way.  There are records of people getting lost, while others experience unexplainable pain, while some find themselves in an unfortunate situation.


Mount Cristobal

Mount Cristobal is also known as the Devil’s mountain. Local stories would say that the mountain emits negative energies that make the mountain silent, cold, and mysterious. There are stories circulating in nearby villages about supernatural occurrences, spooky voices sounding through hiker’s radios, shadows following people, an appearance of elementals and interactions with unnatural beings.


If you love to experience extreme adventure, extreme in a mystical way, you might want to add these mountains to your bucket list.