More than Just Abaca: The Bests of Eastern Visayas II

Road trips and fun times, foods and drinks, lands and waters – all are life’s pleasures and escapes from stress. In the land of Eastern Visayas where the richness of culture is reflected, a life in a paradise has always been waiting. The trip is not yet to end: here are a few more points that should not be missed when in Eastern Samar.



Located in Northern Samar with its huge share of white beaches, this place gives a wonderful beach experience where you can go for an island hopping and snorkeling. Its name is from Acapulco in Mexico, due to being a former guidepost for galleons sailing trade routes to Manila.



Found in Basey in Samar, this is a dome that resembles a cathedral with a parabolic type of entrance about 50 meters high. A flat door area can also be found in the entrance measuring 50 meters in length and 20 meters in width. Spike-shaped stalactites are found in the ceilings and rustic stalagmites can be seen on the ocean floor. The cave also has a balcony that gives a wonderful overview of the natural swimming pool below, and nearby is the Sohoton Natural Park.



A high and steep rock formation found directly across the infamous Panhulugan Cave, this cliff is definitely a must-go place for those who love adventure. Below is a narrow curve wherein passing boats are dragged during low tide. Its name was derived from the waray-waray term “hulug” which means to drop from a high level.



Still located in Basey in Samar, this is an unbelievable enormous arch-shaped rock that links two mountain ridges straddling the Sohoton River. With a vertical clearance of 8 meters in width and 40 meters in length, this is forested on the upper portion and rich in karst formation on its underside hang.