Mindanao’s Mystery and Beauty through the Artistry of Kublai Millan

Ray Mudjahid Ponce Millan, widely known as Kublai Millan is a prolific artist from the land of Mindanao. He is famous for his giant sculptures. Apart from being known as a sculptor, he is also a painter, digital artist, art photographer, and performance artist.


Kublai Millan definitely has a real artist’s spirit. His artistry is soaring high as he works on his masterpieces with great passion; his works are scattered all throughout Mindanao. Now, his works also touched the land of Visayas, in Tacloban, Leyte. His monuments are a living memory and hope-bearers for everyone affected by the typhoon – Yolanda.


If you give extra attention to the details of his creations, perhaps you will agree that in his artistry he is showing a clear reflection of what Mindanao’s mystery and beauty are with its colorful traditions and diverse culture. A lot of his murals, paintings, and sculptures highlight a mysterious touch of the land Mindanao. Some of his artworks also portray the life of the island’s first inhabitants – the natives or the “lumads.” Unity in diversity is the theme of his portrayals.


If you wish to witness the works of Kublai Millan, the best place to go is People’s Park. People’s Park is located in the heart of Davao City. Peoples’ Park is for everyone and what makes it great? It is free! The park has a total area of 4 hectares. The main attraction of the park is its 425 square meters visitors’ center which is the Durian Dome. The Open Plaza has a rainbow walk where potted palms are displayed. The park has giant sculptures made by Kublai Millan which depicts the life of the indigenous people in Mindanao. The park also has a dancing fountain. People’s Park has been recognized as “one of the cleanest and greenest public parks” in the country.