Meet and Greet the City of Mati!

It is very interesting that new discoveries for places are never ending. Somewhere in the south, Mati, Davao Oriental is getting the eye of many because it offers mesmerizing nature sights, untouched beaches and abundant in different cultures. Although they are located at the other end of the country, many are still heading to travel south just to discover the awesomeness of the place. Whether it’s your first time in Mati or not, you’ll still and always find the place worth travelling for. Here are the top tourist destinations that you should NEVER miss when visiting the Coconut Capital of Mindanao.


1.       The Sleeping Dinosaur: This spot has become a famous destination in the Island of Mindanao and are slowly becoming known around the country. Here is where you can see a structure that forms the figure of a huge dinosaur sleeping on its belly. Specifically, this place is located in Badas Point, Mati Davao Oriental.


2.       Mati Park and Baywalk: Unwind and feel relaxed without having to spend anything. This place has been known to the people in Mati where one could completely take time to remove stresses. Surely, tourists would love this place, too! Here you will feel the cold ocean breeze touching your face and feel the best things in life.


3.       Subangan Museum: The greatest source of pride not only for Mati, but also for the whole Davao Oriental! The museum displays the prosperous cultural background of the municipalities on all sides of Davao Oriental. It also exhibits the captivating beauty of nature and many of its tourist destinations.


4.       Dahican Beach: Blue waters, white sand and a hugging splash of waves! All of these you can experience at the pristine beach of Dahican in Mati City. This place is a perfect venue for popular beach sports like surfing, Frisbee, and skim boarding. Here you can also experience underwater animals and see whale sharks that definitely boosts up the beauty of the scenery.


5.       Waniban Island: if you desire for a deep meditation and relaxation, this is the perfect place for you with the white bed of sand, crystal clear water, and green lushes are your only commodity. It hasn’t been though any renovation and there are still no plans in giving the place a makeover, to retain its natural state.