Marinduque: Refresh Your Soul With Nature

Located in the geographical center of the country, the island province Marinduque is the most accessible and affordable place that’s just as good as Boracay. Ranked number one as the most peaceful province in the Philippines as of 2013, the place has friendly and heartwarming locals. Aside from its famous Moriones Festival, there are still a lot of reasons to visit the place. Check out these top places to visit when in Marinduque:


Poctoy White Beach

Known as the best beach alternative to Boracay, this is considered as one of the finest beaches in Marinduque. It boasts of the be stunning white sands, clear waters and a beautiful scenery that you can enjoy while doing various activities such as surfing, diving, and snorkeling


Balanacan View Deck

At the northwestern portion of Marinduque is where a beautiful body of land and sea can be found. Used by the Spanish navy during the 17th century to build and repair galleons, this served as a natural harbor. If you are looking for a place to go to refresh your mind, this place can be what you are searching as it offers a view of the surrounding islands and sea.


Bulusukan Falls

Known to be a mesmerizing spot in Marinduque, this place is undeniably popular among the locals due to its fresh water from the mountain. Additionally, the place is peaceful and calm, a good place to be when you are stressed out.


Molbog Sulfur Spring

A hot spring at the base of Mt. Malindig, an inactive volcano and is believed that its water would heal some kind of skin diseases. A kiss of nature sends you the place with trees surrounding the spring, giving total relaxation upon dipping yourself into its waters.


Tres Reyes Islands

Named after the three kings in the biblical story of Christ’s birth – Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar, these are three islands where the biggest is the Gaspar. Caves with pre-colonial gold ornaments have been found to exist in the area which was used as burial sites of pre-colonial Filipinos.