Manjuyod Sandbar: The Next Big Thing

The Philippines has truly been blessed with amazing nature with breath-taking landscapes, beaches, and marine resources. With over 7000 islands, you will never run out of new places to discover. Whether you go to Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao – the country has all the best to delight your senses.


On the other hand, one of the most sought out vacation destinations in the whole world is Maldives with its enchanting sandbars and beaches. Truly, it is a paradise on earth in this destination. That is why many travellers have Maldives on top of their travel goals. But for the Filipinos, there is no need to go that far as Maldives and suffer hours and hours of flight. Because the Philippines has their version of the paradise in Maldives – the Manjuyod Sandbar!


Manjuyod Sandbar is located in Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City. The Maldives-like sandbar of Manjuyod caught the attention of many people around the world. In fact, it is one of the most travelled and visited tourist destinations today in the country.  Both locals and international tourists are now finding their way to Manjuyod to experience the Philippines very own version of Maldives. Why go to Maldives and break the bank when you can experience it here?


Pristine waters and wooden cottages with bamboo stilts built straight from its white sandbar are certainly going to catch your attention. If you get to see its photos online, surely you will mistakenly think that it’s the Maldives you are seeing but really you have to think twice.


Aside from enjoying the beach, snorkelling and dolphin sightseeing are also great side trips in the area specifically in Bais City. You can either go for a day trip or stay for the night and enjoy the serenity like no other. Plus, you get to meet the locals who are hospitable, entertaining and accommodating; it’s like a home away from home.


Truly, Manjuyod Sandbar is the next big thing in the Philippines and who know, in the whole world. A beautiful place to treasure wonderful memories to last a lifetime.