Manjuyod Sand Bar: Experience Maldives in the Philippines!

With all the beautiful things in the world, nature displays itself incomparably pleasant to the eyes. While everyone has been looking for the Boracay Island when in the Philippines, in the central Visayas part of the country rests an extremely mesmerizing place often called “The Maldives of the Philippines”. A place where the sun kisses you skin so tight and everyone is greeted by the white sand bar and turquoise waters is and always will be the Manjuyod White Sand Bar. Perfect for picture – taking purposes or for enjoying a bath under the sun, this place is definitely worth a visit! But in case you’re planning to be here and are not familiar about the place, here are some points to remember before you visit the Manjuyod Sand Bar:
1.       Check the tide forecast: because the Manjuyod Sand Bar is a sand bar, it is picture – perfect only during low tide. It should be low enough for you to be able to see the 7-kilometer stretch of powdery white sand. After all, going early and going with the right tide forecast is always worth the experience.
2.       Visit the tourism office of Bais: the Manjuyod Sand Bar is off the coast of the municipality of Bais in the Negros Island, where you need to rent a boat for a day to get there. That should be facilitated by the Bais Tourism Office ahead of time, and thus, you should visit their tourism office first.
3.       Do not expect luxury: despite being crowned as The Maldives of the Philippines, the Manjuyod Sand bar is not a luxurious destination. The blue waters and the white sand may make it have a resemblance with Maldives, but it does not have 5-star service, abundant seaside meals, and other abundant and well-made cottages. Although there are a few cottages to stay during the day, they can however provide only the basic needs.
4.       Bring food: There are restaurants around the place and other local vendors selling oysters, sea urchins, fresh coconuts, and many more. But of course, they would sometimes be at a high cost. So the best thing to do here is to bring your own food, a packed meal so you wouldn’t have a hard time.
5.       Sunscreen! When in Manjuyod Sand Bar, you’ll be under the sun most of the time in the middle of the sea. Be sure to protect yourself with the right sunscreen and protect those eyes with sunglasses!