Mang Danny’s Ice Cream: An Extraordinary Ice Cream in Town

Who in the world would ever line up for three to four hours just for a cone of ice cream?


Somewhere at the heart of Davao City in the Philippines is a ‘dirty ice cream’ station that captured almost everyone’s attention, time, and heart. Well – known as Mang Danny’s Ice Cream, people would flock to his peddled cart each night just to taste his delicious recipe.


Over the years, we have grown to eat this Filipino favorite dirty ice cream, but this one is totally different than the ones we have used to buy on the streets.


Along the Roxas Night Market of Davao City, people would automatically line up at 6 o’clock in the evening, ready to buy and taste the creamy goodness of Mang Danny’s product. People would always seek for his product that they are willing to travel for hours all the way to the market. However, Mang Danny’s arrival would usually be at 8 or 9, so the waiting falls to be a little longer. People of all ages are seen to be on the line, a proof that this little sweet treat is not only limited to children at young ages. Soon enough, many have been curious about this long line that happens at night, which led them to line up, too, to satisfy their curiosity.


The locals who kept on buying this famous Mang Danny’s Ice Cream have claimed that the long hours of waiting were totally paid off because the ice cream was really delicious. As per description, it is creamier, thicker and tastier than the usual dirty ice cream that are found anywhere in the country. Today, Mang Danny was able to put on different branches in the city – some in the malls, and some in retail stores. Still, the humbled man continues to make his ice cream even better to keep the customers satisfied and happy.


If you are to visit the city, having to taste Mang danny’s ice cream is absolutely a must! Experience the hours of waiting and be excited for the reward that waits! It’s more fun in Davao City; it’s more fun in the Philippines!