LAKBAY DABAWENYO: Places to Discover in Davao City

Aside from the warmest welcome, nice people and best food, there are also so many sites in Davao City that are worth visiting. Holding many records worldwide such as the fifth cleanest city, least crime rate, and others, here are a few places one should not miss when in Davao City:


1. Eden Nature Park

Located in Toril, Davao City, this is a man-made nature park and a mountain resort that is the best destination should you want to get away from the busy life in the city and inhale some fresh air from nature. 95% man-made and sited 3,000 feet above sea level, this place provides a panoramic view of the entire city while you enjoy the extra freshness of the atmosphere. In totality, the facilities are good and functional for everyone to enjoy.


2.  The Philippine Eagle Nature Center

A facility in Davao City with the main objective of conserving the bird king or the Philippine Eagle, the Philippine Eagle Nature Center is an educational landmark and a family-friendly place that is flocked both by tourists and by students during field trips. This is the only place in the city where everyone will understand how important eagles are in the food chain, and will appreciate why and how the locals made efforts to preserve and save the lives of these species.


3.  Island Garden City Of Samal or IGACOS

5-20 minutes travel from the city by sea, this island gives you all adventures and a kiss from the sun. You can choose from hundreds of resorts around, all affordable and satisfying to go to. From the most simple and quiet place up to the grandest and high-end beaches, we have it all for you! The crystal clear waters, white sand, and the rich marine life will surely give you a memorable vacation.


4. Pearl Farm Beach Resort

This place is definitely one of the bests of Davao City and is one of the most popular resorts in the entire country. An ideal spot to take pleasure in the sea and the white sand without the crowd of many other tourists, this resort accepts either day tour or overnight guests who can choose from different options the level of comfort they want to have.


5. Outland Adventure

Owned and managed by Project Challenge Foundation Inc. this is established to provide a life-changing experience for the youth through adventure-based programs that are purposely designed and planned for team buildings. If you are into physical and mental challenges for yourself, this one is for you!