Jomalig Island: A Destination Waiting at the End of the Road Less Travelled By

A secluded sanctuary found in the southern part of Quezon Province is rich in natural gifts and spectacular landscapes. This scenery gives a challenge to brave travelers to cross the vast sea just to get an exciting and exceptional Jomalig Island.


If you are searching for a deep outreached trip, then the Island is the perfect place for you! Even though it needs a great help to make it one of the progressive towns in the Philippines it still boasts of its wonderful gifts from nature. Above all, island hopping is one thing you should not miss in Jomalig Island. Beach bum, swimming, and snorkeling wait on the island, excitedly greeting everyone with happiness. You can also rent fishing boats and enjoy the clear waters while helping the fishermen earn some money. There are actually a few inland hiking trails for those who love this kind of activity and be amazed at a landscape view from a few meters above sea level. A sunset view of the beaches is the best way to complete the puzzle of the day.


Established restaurants aren’t still visible in the place yet, but it does not mean that nothing delicious can be eaten there. Take the opportunity to taste freshly-caught seafood at a very reasonable price. No need to worry about this because you can ask the housewives in the area and they would refer you to their husband’s morning catch and cook it all for you. They have seafood of all sorts that will definitely be everyone’s favorite.


In the thought of where to stay when in Jomalig Island, this is also not a problem because as hospitable as all Filipinos are, the locals would offer their houses as a place where tourists could stay at a very affordable rate. Perhaps this could never be removed in the Filipino culture: no matter how small their home is, accepting visitors would still be their favorite part of every day, even when they barely know them.