How to Wear Statement Jewelry Pieces to Make you Standout

Jewelry is the perfect piece to make your outfit stand out even more. It is a fabulous way to let your character and confidence shine. What better way to show it off than by wearing statement jewelry pieces?


What makes statement jewelry pieces great is that you don’t need more pieces to back it up; one piece is enough to make your look complete.


But how should we wear statement jewelry pieces? Don’t worry we got your back. Here are our three simple tips and tricks in wearing statement jewelry.


Don’t go overboard!

Statement jewelry pieces are also known as “bold pieces” and they should be allowed to stand out on their own. Having said that, do not go over board; keep it less! Do not wear other pieces close to your statement jewelry. If you are wearing a bold piece necklace, just wear simple stud earrings or just do not wear at all. It is better to wear bold piece one at a time, however, if you want to wear more than one piece, do not wear it close to the statement piece. If it’s a necklace, then wear a bracelet or an arm piece.


Don’t wear statement dresses at the same time!

If you are wearing a statement jewelry, it would already steal the attention, and if you wore a statement dress at the same time, that would be a sting in the eyes.

Statement pieces are best paired with simple outfits such a black dress or single colored dresses. Do not worry about looking too dull with your outfit because your statement jewelry piece will make the magic for you. Bold pieces can bring a different aura to your simple outfit that would make it fabulous. So, the same thing, keep it less and simple with your outfit.


Don’t forget to look at the whole picture!

Always keep in mind that your bold pieces should help you create your fashion statement, so make sure to choose the pieces that will help you make your outfit complete and cohesive at the same time. Don’t just strike anywhere, by that we mean do not wear pieces just because you feel like wearing it; look at the whole picture! Does it go well with my outfit? Does it fit my facial features (if it’s a necklace or an earring)?

For instance, if you are in a more formal and polished look, choose pearls. Another is if you wish to go more feminine with your outfit, choose pieces with floral designs.


There you have it our three simple tips to help you deal with statement jewelry pieces. One last thing, remember: Statement pieces should make YOU standout!