How to Achieve a Summerish Vibe to your Space

We just can’t get over that it’s almost summer and pretty sure you too! The summer vibe is starting to blend in the air everywhere we go. Would it be fabulous to bring that summer vibe at home? A very good idea right?

How do we do that? Well, follow these simple tips we have, and for sure you will have that summer vibe before this day ends. Are you ready? Here we go!


Add greeneries and beautiful floral arrangements

This is undoubtedly the easiest way to have that summer vibe going. Just take some of your greeneries or flowers on pots from your garden, place it in front of the door, in the living area, the kitchen, the dining area and actually anywhere in the house. The more, the merrier indeed!

Succulents and cacti are beautiful options too. Although you can use faux greeneries and floral arrangements, the real ones make such a significant difference because it does not only transform your space, it will also add freshness of the air and the overall vibe.


Let the light in

Summer is all about the sun, the breeze of air and everything colorful. So, let the light in. Change the color of your curtains to anything bright and colorful, open your windows and welcome the sunlight and the breeze of air into your house.


Accentuate everything summer

There are tons of ideas you will find online on how to achieve that summer vibe to your space that it could be so overwhelming. But another great idea is to let summer speak everywhere in your house. How? Add summer quotes and photos of summer in your gallery; it could be in the living room, kitchen and your room. Buy pillows with summery statements. Use shells as your table centerpiece, place beach lanterns around the house and much more. Again there are countless of ways to achieve this, and it’s all up to your imagination and creativity.


This could be a very exciting and refreshing project, isn’t it? Give it a go!