How Do You Carry Your Bag?

A great bag does not only complete an outfit but often says something on what kind of a person you are. Inevitably, women carry their bags differently, but not all of us knew that it could actually show a little about our personality.


abaca green bag

On the Shoulder

Those who carry their bags on their shoulder are believed to be a multitasker. With all the errands for a busy day, they’ve got all their essentials in their bag. They are effortlessly on the go every time, which also means that you are hands-free every single time.


abaca brown

In the Hand

Those who carry their bag in their hand are believed to be the “show off.” What is the best way to show people your new bag than carrying on by hand and showing it off? Others also thought that those who carry their bag in hand are “protective” because they want to have complete hold of their bag and not let anyone get a touch of it.


abaca brown bag

In the Crook of the Arm

Lastly, those who carry their bag in the crook of their hand are known to be “lady.” Carrying your hand in the crook of your hand requires a complete polish. Surely it is not the most comfortable way of carrying your bag, but it definitely shows how classy and a lady you are.