Hospitality: The Core of a Filipino Soul

Are you lost in the middle on the night and could not find your way? Knock on a poor man’s house and he will give you a shelter, serve you with the best dish available in his kitchen, and even offer his single sized bed to you and will instead sleep on the floor. Seems impossible? Here in the Philippines, it isn’t!


The Filipino hospitality is something to take pride in. Filipinos have been generally known for treating their visitors warmly, regardless of the race. As one, try to get our best foot forward every time someone comes in. not only is this shown through a good quality service to tourists, but also in our relatives, friends, and even new acquaintances alike. Many have been admiring this part of the Filipino culture and that’s one reason why people in the Philippines would love to go from places to places as well as the foreigners visiting the country.


Greetings: this is the first sign of a Filipino Hospitality. If you could notice, whenever you go into a store or any business establishment, Filipinos would greet you with a warm welcome, and would also thank you for coming over even when you do not buy anything. Next is the Best China. Especially in Filipino homes, women usually keep their best ones in a cabinet. By the time a guest arrives, those kept will be used on the table to impress the latter.  Third, free tours. Innate as Pinoys, we would want to take any guest around… for free! And lastly, in foods and festivals: Filipinos are food lovers, and they prepare a lot during celebrations. During these days, they give a lot of food out to the neighborhoods and keep an open – home policy. In a time when a tourist (especially first timers) arrives, they treat them with their best native delicacies and favorite foods.


The Filipinos, being hospitable, makes the culture of the country outstandingly distinct. It is never taught to an individual; it just naturally comes from within, the instinct to make the guests get the most out of one. Rest assured, you are to get your bound share of warmth as soon as you visit!