Have the Perfect Getaway in Vigan

If you are an old-soul traveler, Vigan is the perfect getaway for you. Vigan will allow you to travel back in the time of Spaniards.


The little city in Ilocos Sur is perfect for a short vacay if you only have little time to spare, but that’s totally fine since you don’t need many days to explore the city. This small town is a World Heritage City by UNESCO which makes it, even more, a must-see.


What makes this place easy breezy is that the must-see and must-dos are just close to each other, so you don’t need to spend much cash and energy.
If you are planning to go Vigan, here are our suggestions on what to enjoy in the place.


1. Walk Through Calle Crisologo

Crisologo Street or Calle Crisologo in Spanish is the cobble-stoned street in town with Spanish period old houses.


The best time of the day to explore this street is at dawn and of the early morning. In these hours, the street is so peaceful and you can own the moment as you walk through the street, witness the old houses or you can also ride a kalesa. If you love Instagram, this is also the magical time for you to take photos.


2. Witness the Abel Weavers

Abel cloth is traditional woven goods in the city Vigan is known for its durability and natural beauty. Seeing Abel weavers in action is another enjoyable experience in Vigan. The Abel cloth is also a nice pasalubong.


3. Walk in Father Burgos’ house

“Bahay Na Bato” located near the Ilocos Sur Provincial Hall formerly housed one of the prominent names in the Philippine nationalism – Padre Jose Burgos of Gomburza. Accompanying the fellow priests namely Mariano Gomez and Jacinto Zamora, Father Burgos was sentenced to death for a malicious charge of rebellion versus the Spanish colonizers.


The death of GomBurza then inspired Jose Rizal his novel “El Filibusterismo” and honors it to their memory.


Now, Padre Burgos’ childhood place is a museum for every little thing in Vigan where you can find old weaving and farming implements and random photos of the old city and the people.


4. Visit Bantay Bell Tower

Bantay Bell Tower is a beautiful brick structure that stands alone on a green hill overlooking the municipality of Bantay.


This tower became a spot for taking breathtaking photographs and Instagrammable poses. If you climb to the main bell of the tower, there you will find some bullet marks which dates us back to World War II.


5. Taste the Vigan Longganisa

What makes traveling more exciting is that each place has unique and sumptuous treats to offer and the Vigan longganisa is the “it.”


Vigan is known for their Longganisa, and if you tell your family and friends that you are off to Vigan, surely they have one favor, and that is to bring home Vigan Longganisa. A very delightful and tasty Longganisa that is indeed uniquely Vigan.