Hacienda Don Juan: A Lasting Legacy in the Middle of the Past and the Present

Some place feel like so odd that it seems like time has been stuck in the past and the present era. While there can be countless places that can fit in the description, nothing can be compared to a place that’s so iconic and original that despite all the changes around, it has withstood through time and remained as it is.


Somewhere in the land of Sarangani is a structure that stood still from the long past, yet, quite modernized. It can truly be seen as an epitome of a witness in all the development between the old and the new Hacienda Don Juan.


From some beginning, the main building of Hacienda Don Juan has been a long-standing residence that has never been changed nor developed by its dwellers, except for the minor amenity due to electricity and water system to bring more comfort upon living in the place.


Its ancient structure can be like all structures with old architecture, but this does not mean it cannot give any amazement anymore. From the materials used to the systematic planning and construction, the Hacienda Don Juan is undeniably a masterpiece.


And like any tree that has been well-established from its roots, this 2-storey building today has once been inhabited by a succession of families of few generations. The Hacienda originally existed in 1930’s, in an era when Spanish influences have not yet fully overtaken the Filipino lives, this place should surely be treasured.


Places like this are abundant in the Philippines, yet, some are still undiscovered. While we can, let us preserve the places that are remnants of the past as this all can be a great treasure in the future and even today.