Guimaras Island: More than a Mango Capital of the Philippines!

In the western portion of Visayas with Jordan as the Capital, found are the sweetest mangoes in the country. Not only dubbed as the “Mango Capital of the Philippines”, Guimaras Island is also abundant in beautiful beaches, marine reserves, handicrafts, and many more. If you are heading to plan a trip all the way to Guimaras, here are a few things you surely wouldn’t want to miss:


1.       Guisi Lighthouse: a historic structure built in the 18th century that is presently a good photo shoot spot. It offers a great view of the nearby sea and is a pride of the locals from Guimaras. Next to the Aparri lighthouse, this one is the second oldest in the country.


2.       Guisi Beach: After visiting the Guisi Lighthouse, this can be the next good destination. The Guisi beach is amazing for snorkeling because fish and coral reefs are plenty at the shoreline. Here, you will also admire the superb rock formations together with the white sand and a breath taking sunset view.


3.       Marine Reserved Area: This one is a brilliant tourist destination, too. Special marine life catches the eye, especially if you are bringing kids during the vacation. Found are the giant clams, seahorses, starfish, and turtles abundantly in the place.


4.       Taklong Island National Marine Reserve: If you desire to see the beauty of white sand, crystal clear waters, mangroves and a rich marine life, this marine resort in Guimaras is perfect for you. Can you imagine the awesome adventure waiting ahead of you? Overnight accommodations in this resort are available with just a very low rate if you desire for a longer peaceful and fun stay.


5.       Tatlong Pulo Beach: This is considered as a hidden paradise, a hidden beach in Sinapsapan, Jordan where a deep relaxation through the white sand awaits. Here you can enjoy sunbathing or a dip on the crystal clear waters. The entrance fee is just minimal and you can bring ready – to – eat foods in the cottage.