Great Taste of Food Every November

You may wonder what event or occasion Filipinos celebrate every November. Novembers 1 and 2 are traditional holidays in the Philippines, the All Saints Day and All Souls’ Day respectively. On these days, we usually visit our loved ones who departed from us, offer prayers, candles, flowers and even food.


Excitingly, these Filipinos are always ready and prepared to have perfect dishes for the annual tradition.

Here are some of the great food you would love to cook during November.


Pancit – This is a common food, Filipinos prepare in their hall. This dish is combined with vegetables and meat.


Roasted Chicken or “Lechon Manok”– Filipinos would find this dish convenient when preparing for a dinner especially in some occasions wherein you need to have food which can be prepared quickly and when you need to visit and have your meal in some places. This is also perfect during November for an overnight cemetery visit.


“Lumpia” – Another dish we often prepare or eat in a social event. This food is also easy to prepare. Most often, this is one of the dishes Filipinos would love to have when having a cemetery visit. Having a finger food is a perfect choice.


Sweet Rice Cake or “Biko” – Of course, the sweet rice cake or commonly known as biko will never be forgotten for the November occasion. This food is made of coconut milk, brown, sugar, and glutinous rice or could also use sticky rice. Biko is also served as a dessert or even snack.


Suman – This is another variety of rice cake that originated in the Philippines. You can dip this in sugar before eating for better taste. This is also one of the best food brought to cemetery visits.

So, there you have it. You can prepare these easy food dishes for the best days in November. Easy to cook and fun to prepare. Make some of these and enjoy your holidays.