Great Finds: All Pink Exciting Paradise for the Summer Season

A month from now, we are already in the summer season! Hooray! The Philippine islands, known for its unique products such as clay and abaca that are being exported mainly in Korea, are also popular for its perfect beaches such as those in Boracay and other parts of the North and South. Here are two of the most unique beaches among all, possessing a distinct feature – its pink sands.



Found in Northern Samar, the place does not actually boast of only its white beaches, but also of this one that’s found nowhere but here. It is situated in the peaceful and isolated town of San Vicente. This pink beach is one of the three pink beaches in the country. It may not be as visited as Boracay, but this scenic powdery beach is slowly gaining popularity among the tourists of all kinds. Also, it bears rock formations and black stones. The sand’s color is believed to be from the small fragments of red corals and shells that were washed ashore for the past years.




Another pink beach that should be explored is in Zamboanga City, discovered during the early 1970’s and 1980’s. Same with the other beach mentioned, its pink sand came from the pulverized red organ pipe coral. It is basically a result of surf erosion combined with white sand that had happened countless years ago. Today, it is well maintained, improved with cottages for tourists as well as stores and security around. Never miss a visit in this place when in Zamboanga, and enjoy all the offers such as swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The crystal clear water combined with a delicious seafood recipe is a must-try! Feast you eyes and your tummies with the delicious crabs and squids at very affordable prices. There are cottages for rent, but you can also choose to stay in the shaded parts of the beach. Overnight stay and day-tour trips are available, too.