Good for the Tummy: Central Visayas Delicacies

If anywhere in the Philippines we’ll find something distinct and delicious to eat, the Central Visayas is not an exemption. Found here are also appetizing products that will make every peso worth spending. Here are some of the many delicious delicacies the Central Visayas has to offer:


1. BUDBUD or SUMAN: These are sticky rice cakes or glutinous cakes that have been quite the island. It is a high-carbohydrate snack that is very filling and very healthy. Basically, it is a mix of glutinous rice and coconut milk. It is usually wrapped in banana leaves because it is believed that the banana leaves bring out the best taste out of the food. Recipes of vary per region, but the most popular one includes coconut milk and salt in it. Others add brown sugar, grated coconut or a coconut jam. It is most popular and in demand during the Christmas season and is paired with a hot chocolate and slices of sweet mango. famous in budbud.


2. DRIED MANGOES: Crowned to be the most nutritious and most convenient snack in the world, this delicacy has been sought for by almost all tourists in Central Visayas. It is also a delicacy that made the city of Cebu more popular for being the distributor of the finest dried mangoes around the globe. Japan and Italy are also selling the same product, but the one from the country has just been the best one. For the record, dried mangoes have been a food that made a mark in Southeast Asia.


3. KALAMAY: or Calamay, meaning sugar, is a delicacy that is sticky sweet but is well-known in many regions of the country. Made from coconut milk, brown and ground glutinous rice, this can be added with peanut butter, vanilla or margarine, but can also be eaten alone.sugar


4. PUTO, and BIKO: These are specialties that use glutinous rice grains and are prepared in the same way except that the glutinous rice is cooked whole instead of a ground paste. Smothered with “latik” on top which is a kind of, this is best eaten for afternoon snacks and breakfast. CUCHINTAviscouskalamay