Fun Philippines: Here’s How to Enjoy Burnham Park

At the heart of the Summer Capital of the Philippines between Harrison and Kisad Road is a 32.84 – hectare land named after Daniel Hudson Burnham, Baguio City’s master planner. As Burnham Park is a part of every Baguio child’s early years, it is a pleasure for the locals to share them to everyone, especially to the tourists who don’t always get to be there. If you are on a tight budget travel, there are things you can enjoy at Burnham for free. And if you are willing to spend some more fun and adventure, there is also a lot to avail in the place.


Baguio City Orchidarium: Found towards the end portion of the adult biking area and is usually less crowded compared to the other areas in the park. If you are a lover of greens and flowers, this place will be for you since it has hundreds of different kinds of plants. It contains landscapes and water elements where it seemed to be a green sanctuary amidst the busy city.


Picnic: Tables available for eating are found around the skating rink in Burnham Park. You can also have your own picnic blanket and enjoy the grassy areas of the park.


Dancing Fountains at the Rose Garden: There are actually three dancing fountains in the Rose Garden with a scheduled interval of operation. To get the best view out of these dancing fountains, it is best to watch them at night time because the lights help to make them more beautiful and dramatic.


Children’s Park: For those strolling around with kids, this part of Burnham Park is for them to have fun. There are swings, seesaws, slides and jungle bars for them to enjoy. At the entrance are two elephant statues ideal for picture taking


Riding a Bike: Biking is also available in Burnham Park and there are actually two separate biking areas: one for older kids and adults, and the other for younger ones. These are not just ordinary bicycles but are fancily decorated bicycles in different design and colors.