Filipino: The Master Craftsman

The world is made from different contributions of great ideas and creative minds. Aside from being the finished product of God, it is an input of different human-made art. In simplest terms, each country has their share of artistic influence from the past to present.


Being one of the independent countries, the Philippines has a lot of talented Filipinos that has showcased their gifts all over the world. Filipinos are given good hands to put into work what they have produced in their minds. Filipino paintings were then introduced during the 16th century. Some of the most famous painters that we know today are Juan Luna, and Fernando Amorsolo. Later, Filipinos began to produce sculptures, crafts from native materials and even creating furniture.


A prevalent creation in the northern part of the country is weaving, where textiles of their choice are knitted together to form blankets, apparel, or mat. Originated from the T’boli, weaving is originally a religious ritual. Another one popular in Filipinos is the lace making, where fibers such as banana leaf and abaca fibers may be utilized. Embroidery is also common in the Philippines, a needlework used to embellish household linens, usually done by the mother or the grandmother of the family. Filipinos have also come to the way of making jars using clay, in which they termed this as pottery. They were able to generate Dragon, Imbe, Rusun, and Namban jars. Meanwhile, in the southern part of the Philippines are the good carvers. Decorative carvings are their products, as well as small anitos and other religious figures. Ironworks are also prominent among Filipinos as they have produced necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and belts through their skills.


Filipinos are truly talented and skilled, the world-class type. Not only does this give entity to themselves, but also to the nation where they came from. Just by looking through the internet, you can come across different Filipinos who have been known for their inventions and artistic handicrafts. Aside from the country’s enormous natural resources, the Filipino people together with their creative skills and resourcefulness are considered as its greatest treasure because, without them, nothing would happen to the country.