Filipino Desserts: The Sweet Tooth of a Pinoy

Dessert is the latter course of the meal; others consider this as the most awaited part. Who would not love to eat sweets? Desserts are what makes the meal complete without it, seems like you are still craving for more. All of us have sweet tooth and we always find a way to satisfy it, eating sweets and desserts is the best way to do it.

The Filipino desserts are not widely known, however, loved by everyone who gets to taste them, in particular by the Filipinos. Most of their desserts have coconut milk as an ingredient. Well, Philippines is a tropical country so no wonder they have many coconuts everywhere, and the Filipinos are just using what they have. Makes sense right?


Here are our top 5 Pinoy desserts that has coconut ingredient which will truly leave mouth-watering!


Maja Blanca

Maja Blanca is made from coconut milk, sugar, and cornstarch. Usually called Coconut Pudding, this delicious dessert is simple to make, and the components are just common.


Ube Halaya

Ube Halaya is made from boiled purple yam which is narrowly known in the country as “Ube.” The boiled purple yam is then grated and added with condensed and evaporated milk and topped with cheese.



Biko is a Pinoy rice cake. The ingredients are cooked sticky rice also narrowly known as malagkit, brown sugar, and coconut milk. Just like other rice cakes, this is regarded to as ‘kakanin’ originated from the word ‘kanin’ which is rice and is usually eaten as dessert or ‘merienda’ or mid-afternoon snack.


Cassava Cake

Cassava Cake is a traditional Pinoy dessert made from grated cassava.  Cassava is also penned as ‘kamoteng kahoy’ in the Philippines. Cassava starch is likewise used to make the tapioca.


Buko Salad

Buko Salad or also known as the ‘sweet young coconut salad’ is a dessert which has shredded young coconut as the principal ingredient. This delightful dessert recipe is always present in every Filipino occasion like Fiestas and birthdays.


There you have it our top 5 Pinoy desserts pick! What’s your favorite Pinoy dessert?