Filipino Blood: The Undying Hospitality

The Filipinos are perhaps the gentlest people in the world. Because of its people, the Philippines has become a country where you say hello as a stranger and you bid goodbye as a family member. It is a country that despite all the challenges it has faced, it can still smile and say “I’m fine”.


If you are in the Philippines walking past midnight in a street and seem to be lost, knock on a poor man’s house and he will give you everything you need for the night. He will let you in and give you shelter, ask if you have already eaten and served you with the best dish available in his home, and will sleep on the floor just to give you a good night sleep in his single – sized bed. Sounds impossible? In the Philippines, it isn’t! Home is in the Philippines!


The hospitality of all Filipinos is something to be proud of. Filipinos are leading when it comes to having a warm treatment to visitors or even a stranger regardless of the race. They are innately friendly that whoever comes in is welcomed as a new member of the family. Filipinos would definitely set their best foot forward whenever anyone tries to get in. This is shown not only by serving tourists to the best we can but also in our immediate family, relative, close friends and even newly met friends.


So far, this trait of the Filipinos is the most admired by many, one reason why both foreign tourists and the people in the country would love to visit different places.


The first mark of a Filipino hospitality is greetings. This is definitely obvious in stores, restaurants, and any business establishments where either the security guard who opens the door or a personnel waiting at the entrance would greet you as you enter their place. They would also thank you for coming even when you did not buy anything from them or did not avail any of their services.


This trait of the Filipinos made the country a distinct one and a must-go place. It is never taught to an individual, but rather, this naturally comes from within, passed from generations to generations, allowing each one to live the Filipino happy life.