Feel the Summer Vibes on a Christmas Break at Siquijor!

The island of Siquijor, also known as the island of Fire is commonly described into two: mystery and natural beauty. Mystery because this is said to be the home of healers, believed love potions, and is marked with mystical traditions. On the other hand, the natural beauty and unfathomable magnificence is what makes the island being visited by many people, especially those from nearby places. The island of Siquijor can be traveled in a round trip for just a day, but found are the things you’ll rarely (or never) see in other places.


The first noticeable thing you could notice upon the arrival to the island is the old stone of St. Francis de Assisi that was built a long time ago, specifically during the colonial Philippines. Just right in front of the church is the historical bell tower of the island, which was believed to have served as a watch tower to alarm the residents from sea raiders. Like any other structures, both are made of coral stone.


The Capilay Spring Park is another thing in Siquijor. It is a simple spring lake transformed into an emerald green public pool in the island. This is now the best place for picnic, swimming and relaxing for the locals.


If you are looking for a peaceful place with lush vegetation for your unwinding moments, the Cambugahay Falls is the perfect place to go to when in Siquijor. A turquoise cascades in multi level waits at just a couple steps down. The Tarzan rope is also available in the falls with a swing rope that hangs from the trees around.


For more outdoor activities, the Mt. Bandilaan National Park is best for those who are nature lovers. A forest filled with soaring trees will greet and feed your eyes with all the good things nature can offer. Feast your soul with some trekking in the mountain where the top view removes all the struggles in going up.


Be burned with the extremities of this beautiful Island of Fire and let the enchanting mysteries and traditions melt you in curiosity and amazement.