Fascinating Facts about Birds in the Philippines

“Birds” Word that we always hear every day. The word which is common and children can easily utter and learn it. But have you ever wondered if we still have enough and different kinds of bird in our country? Or how many kinds of birds do the Philippines have?


Well, that is what we are going to talk about. Most of us or maybe all of us have known about the endangered species of some birds such as the Philippine Eagle which is known to everybody. Here are some of the fascinating facts about birds in the Philippines. There are a total of 657 species of birds in the Philippines and 68 of those are endangered or globally threatened.


• Philippine Eagle – This is a 3-foot giant raptor and it is known as the national bird in the Philippines. It was famous because of its lion-like crown and has a wingspan of 7 feet. These huge birds often hide in lowland forest but because of the rampant deforestation, a number of 400 pairs of Philippine Eagle was held captive at the Philippine Eagle Foundation in Mount Apo in Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City. This center operates as a breeding facility for the endangered Philippine eagle and for other birds targeted.


• Philippine Cockatoo – This bird is extremely different compared to the Philippine Eagle which is big in size. Philippine Cockatoo is a small white bird that can be found in Palawan and several Visayan provinces. This bird is known by its local name Katala.  This species is the second most endangered bird in the Philippines but the Katala Foundation kept its work as conservation breeding facility for the Cockatoo bird, The Rasa Island.


These birds are rarely seen in the Philippines today but you can always visit them on their foundation sites. Visit them and enjoy your stay with the company of these vivid creatures.