Famous Waterfalls of the Philippines

Are you fond of going to beaches? Then try a little different kind of adventure – waterfalls! The most magnificent waterfalls in the Philippines may not top the list of World’s greatest or biggest, but sometimes, the best waterfalls are the ones where you enjoy a rejuvenating natural hydrotherapy session. The perfect waterfall could be defined as a place where you can enjoy a state of tranquility and waters that cascade gentle enough to swim under at a right comfortable temperature.


Now, are you ready for some waterfall adventure? Make sure to include these beautiful waterfalls on your bucket list. Here are some that might be of interest:


Tinago Falls

Tinago falls can be found in Iligan City. It is utterly gorgeous and could easily take the top spot if we rank it with “swimmability” as the deciding factor.


Asik-Asik Falls

Located in Alamada, Cotabato lies the jaw-dropping Asik-Asik falls. Its beauty looks so magical because of its whitewater that seems to appear out of nowhere, over the verdant sprawl of a hidden ravine.


Maria Christina Falls

If you happen to visit Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, you would probably hear about the most famous and the easiest to reach Maria Christina Falls. It is a recommended spot for those casual sightseers.


Aliwagwag Falls

Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel, Davao Oriental is considered as the tallest waterfall in the Philippines with a purported height of 338 meters, though that is not the only impressive thing about it. What makes it extra special is its astounding number of tiers, over 130 smaller cascades.