Exploring the Balut Island

A travel with the sea that is calm every morning. Enjoying the breeze and seizing the moment on the shore. What a perfect place to describe a great vacation. Summer is never ending so here is a great place for you to explore and enjoy. Welcome to the Balut Island and also known as Malulong located in Mindanao.

You can also enjoy the full blast activity the Sarangani has.


• Trek – Trekking to the top of the Balut Island is an awesome experience. It is best to trek in the morning so you would experience first-hand the panoramic view of the Islands. Some would also love to climb on mid-afternoon until sunset and experience a foggy sight enjoy the cold temperature in the area. Please be advised to trek with a tour guide, it is always better to do it with a knowledgeable person.


Island Hopping – Island hopping is the major activity to be done on Balut Island. This is the most exciting part where you can tour around the Island using their motor boat and appreciate the unspoiled beaches such as:


Marorong or Ballistic Islet – This might be one of your best experience because you will be entertained by the local tribes and they will offer you their best food.


Tune Maklang Beach – This site is one the developed place in the Island and offers accommodation at a very affordable rate for guests.


Sabang Hot Spring – It is located in Barangay Lipol, Balut Island. This is left open for all visitors who want to visit the place.


Paras Beach – You would love the coconuts in this place since you can see it everywhere and it is the major agricultural product of the Island.


Olanivan Island – You can wander around the Island for 3o minutes and you can do smooth sailing.


Come visit the extraordinary and admirable place to have the adventure in Balut Island, the incomparable beauty in Mindanao!