Explore With Happiness: The City of Smiles

As everything flows from the heart, happiness is one thing you shouldn’t miss. In the province of Negros Occidental lies a highly urbanized city in the Philippines and was named to be the “City of Smiles”. Many people drop by the place and often come back because of the beautiful experience and happiness it gives. Here are some of the things you should remember when you get to visit the City of Smiles, Bacolod City.


1. Take a moment at the Capitol Grounds and Lagoon. At the heart of Bacolod City along Lacson street is this park where the distance reference point or Kilometer Zero of the city can be found. For enjoyment, the Provincial Capitol Complex is made of an artificial lagoon and a capital building. This is a place where you can jog, relax or just simply spend time.


2. Heading to the downtown of Bacolod City, you can find the Sebastian Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace which was originally a small chapel and was affirmed as a cathedral when the city was raised to a diocese. Near the cathedral is a “bahay na bato” which also tells something in history.


3. Be amazed to the glamour of “The Ruins” in Talisay City. Being one of the 12 most alluring destructions in the world, The Ruins is the totemic abode of Don Mariano and Ledesma Lacson, abd their mansion was the largest residential wreckage during its heydays.


4. Enjoy the Mambukay Resort in the adjacent town of Murcia. The Mambukal Mountain Resort is a government – owned paradise – like for local and foreign tourists enthroned with abundant natural resources and incomparable scenic features.


5. Tour into the city of Silay and walk along its heritage houses. Leave no stone unturned in one of the country’s 25 major tourist destinations, the “Seat of arts and culture, and eco – tourism in the Western Visayas”.


6. The best time to visit Bacolod is during the month of Octoberwhere the fun and the happiest festival in the country is being acclaimed, the Masskara Festival. It is the most awaited festival among all others and tourists would huddle in the city to join the 3-week merrymaking.


More than this article can say, there are surely still a lot of things that you can adore in Bacolod City. It’s more fun in the Philippines, it’s more fun in Bacolod. Come and discover the City of Smiles!