Explore the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, GenSan!

General Santos City is also well known as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. It is also the home town of the legendary, internationally known boxer, Manny Pacquiao. What’s worth mentioning in General Santos City or GenSan aside from its plentiful supply of tuna is that it is an adventurous and exciting place to go on a hike.




This is found at the boundaries of Barangay Olympog and Barangay Conel and is a good place for people who love mountain climbing and trekking. At 800 feet above sea level, when the peak is reached, the place provides a bird’s eye view of General Santos City. The peak can be reached with 2 passages, the Balakayo route and Balsinang Route depending in which one you choose to get there. The Balsinang route is chosen mostly by people who prefer a challenging path to get there. This route is challenging due to its steep and rocky road. On the other hand, the Balakayo route is available for those want to reach the peak easily; the peak can be reached by riding habal-habal since this route has enough roads for vehicles to pass.




If you desire a high speed thrill adventure, then the Fifth Mountain Balakayo is a place for you. The mountain has the first Sky Cable and Zipline rides in GenSan. For only 250 pesos, you will experience a 200 meter and 80 KpH Zipline.



In the middle of this period of modernity, there is always something or somewhere that would remind you of the past. The Manilay Central House, located in Purok Malakas, Barangay San Isidro, is an inherited house that brings a nostalgic feeling to the wooden refrigerators, wooden floors, telephone wire, and photo albums. This house is a near complete replica of the old house in Laguna, Manila, that still attracts plenty of tourists and people despite its old smell and aged look.



General Santos City is a calm and peaceful place where the people are gratifying and hospitable. From the places to its people, we all know “It’s more fun in General Santos City! It’s more fun in the Philipines!”