Explore the Enchanting Dumaguete City

Known to be the City of Gentle People and an access point for almost all tourist destinations in Negros Oriental, the City of Dumaguete has also been known as a University Town in Visayas. It has captured a lot of tourists from anywhere in the world. If you are wondering why this place is being flocked by a lot of people, here are a few places in Dumaguete and in nearby places that are worth each visit.



Named after the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, this is a wonderful destination in Dumaguete where a breath – taking sea view awaits and a lot of tempura stalls to feed your hungry tummies. And just so you know, tempura is Dumaguete’s best – seller.



Known to be the oldest stone church in the Negros Island, this was built in 1754 and was finished in the year 1776. It is sited near the bell tower, fronting the Quezon Park in Dumaguete City.



Locally known as the Kampanarya, this Belfry Tower has existed in the city for almost 200 years and served as a watchtower during the World Wars. It was being rung to give the locals a signal whenever pirates attack.



Found in Ocoy Valley in Valencia, a municipality near Dumaguete. This is another tourist attraction where the name comes from the red rocks surrounding the area. Calm, cool, and refreshing waters wait at the falls brought by the hill and mountain formations.



If you are looking for an attraction that contains remnants from the war, this place can be appropriate for you. Today, this is the amity symbol for the Filipino-American and the Japanese but was originally built on a sacred battle ground where an immense encounter took place during the World War II.



Often called as the Maldives of the Philippines, this tourist attraction is one of the best beach destinations in Negros oriental where you can relax or have a lunch with your family or a group of friends while dipping in the clear blue waters and white sand.