Experience Sarangani, Experience the Pound for Pound Tourist Champ

In the modern years, the land of Sarangani has been incorporated with the Philippines’ boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, who has been the first senator from the province. But long before the person became known to all, the humble province has already been counter-punching its way to be known and sought for in the world of tourism. And just like the admired boxer, the place is a knockout fighting combination of places that dazzles any traveler. Here are a few of the riches of Sarangani.



Fine sand in Glan that stretches up to a mile, this place gives a relaxing break with its calm and silent shores making you feel like a real wanderer. On summers, it shines with life as it hosts Sarangani Bay Festival or SarBay Fest, the biggest pot-pouring of entertainment, sports and wellness in the Philippines. Traditionally, SarBay is well-taken care with coastal cleanups and raising environmental awareness.



Roam around the skies and be crowned with an exciting glide from the top of the Maasim mountains. Because of its ideal terrain and good wind at any time of the year, the place has been the playground of the world’s best paragliders.



A 2-kilometer bumpy and exciting whitewater tube ride will surely give you the best adrenaline rush as you visit the Pangi River Whitewater in Maitum. Here, guests are welcomed by the T’boli tribes with their indigenous songs and dances to give them a complete cultural experience. If you want to spend a night at the riverside cottage, this can also be a great place for that and enjoy other natural wonders of the town.



Through the initiative of the B’laan tribal community in Malungon, this is the only one of its kind in the Philippines that serves as a storehouse for ethnic heritages, dyeing traditions, obscure weavings and other agricultural traditions.