Enjoy the Rugged and Untouched Beauty of Jomalig Island

At the Southern tip of Quezon Province rests an isolated refuge with abundant natural gifts and stunning landscapes. This makes the interesting travelers bravely cross the seas just to get in this mesmerizing and unique Jomalig Island.


If you are in deep search for an outreach trip, the Island is in great need of help from everyone to make it a progressive town in the Philippines. After that, the next best thing to do is Island hopping. Snorkel, swim and beach bum all the way in the Island with happiness and rent fishing boats to enjoy the waters while helping the fishermen earn. Inland are some hiking trails for everyone who loves to do this activity. If you are looking for an elevated platform to have a perfect view of the landscape, this is the perfect zone for you! Finally, end your day with a dramatic sunset-watching by the beaches.


The Island doesn’t have any established restaurants yet, but that’s not a problem. Freshly caught seafood is always best, and many of them are available in Jomalig Island at a very reasonable price. All you should do is ask the housewives on where to buy seafood, and they’ll refer you to their husband’s morning catch, and you can ask them to cook it for you. Crabs, squids, lobster – name it and they have it!


Wondering where to stay while in Jomalig Island? The locals offer some tourists to sleep in their houses at a very small rate. Perhaps this is a result of Filipino hospitality even when they have just a small home they would still love to accept visitors, even when they barely know them.


In case you are already heading to plan a trip to Jomalig Island, the best time to visit would be in summer, within the months of March, April, and May. Just in case you aren’t available for those months, January and February would be the second best option.


Discover and enjoy all other offers of the Island and experience once again the ambiance of the past where provinces and solemn towns are still abundant. It’s more fun in the Jomalig Island; it’s more fun in the Philippines!